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Ecodan Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating Combined — Residential

Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Air-to-Water Heat Pumps are total home heating solutions that cover residential hot water needs as well as super energy efficient room heating or cooling — all through the one system.

As traditional gas and diesel central heating systems face rising operational costs, the Ecodan range presents an efficient and low emission alternative with its air-to-water heat pump technology. Boasting a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 5.06*, indicating higher energy efficiency compared to standard heating methods.

Through the use of high quality components and extensive industry experience, Mitsubishi Electric has produced a highly energy efficient system that fits seamlessly into any residential home.

Offering different configurations to match each project, the Ecodan range offers outdoor units from 5kW to 23kW to provide heat to radiators, underfloor and fan coils, along with reliable domestic hot water. The system is comprised of an outdoor hot water heat pump and an indoor component — either a Hydrobox or packaged cylinder tank (available in 170L, 200L and 300L).

*Applicable to PUZ-WM60VAA-BS under normal heating conditions at outdoor temp: 7°CDB / 6°CWB, outlet water temp 35°C, inlet water temp 30°C as tested to BS EN1451.

Key Features
  • Available in a wide range of capacities, from 5kW to 23kW (with the option to cascade up to 6 units of the same capacity for up to 138kW)
  • Option to integrate 2 zones of underfloor, radiator or fan coil space heating with domestic hot water in one system
  • High efficiency with COPs up to 5.06*1
  • Fast heat up times
  • Specific models with Zubadan Technology provide guaranteed heating in temperatures as low as -25°C
  • Built-in energy monitoring controls as standard
  • Low outdoor unit  noise levels - ideal for medium density residential areas (operating as low as 45dBa*1)
  • Coastal protection treatment as standard
  • Packaged cylinder available in 170L, 200L and 300L

*1 Applicable to PUZ-WM60VAA-BS under normal heating conditions at outdoor temp: 7°CDB / 6°CWB, outlet water temp 35°C, inlet water temp 30°C as tested to BS EN1451.

*2 Measured at 1m from the front of the outdoor unit and 1.5m from ground level. Applicable to PUZ-WM60VAA and PUZ-WM85VAA.

Scope of Use

Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps can be a heat source for the production of hot water used in hydronic central heating systems such as underfloor circuits and radiators as well as the production of domestic hot water.  

Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps can be retrofitted to existing hydronic/water underfloor systems and existing gas radiator systems. 

Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps can be used for domestic hot water production only.

  • Underfloor Heating — Underfloor heating is evenly distributed; radiant heating that provides the ultimate in comfort that you cannot see. Hidden from view, under floor heating is particularly suited to modern open plan homes with higher stud and exposed ceilings.
  • Radiator Heating — Radiators are the ideal solution for responsive heating that can be mixed and matched to each room. Quick to heat up as well as turn down or off, radiator heating is easy to control and manage room by room. And with a wide variety of style, sizes and colours to choose from it can be as bold or paired back to reflect your interior design aesthetic.

Fan Coils 

With a variety of solutions tailored to suit every type of home, including ducted systems, high wall units, and floor consoles, fan coils can be easily retrofitted into existing hydronic heating circuits or integrated into new construction projects.

Unlike traditional radiator heating, fan coils offer options for both heating and cooling. With the fan to ensure a room reaches desired temperatures fast, occupants can enjoy year-round comfort.  




Limitations on Use
  • For underfloor heating Ecodan can only be used in combination with hydronic systems (not electric wire)
  • The system contains an indoor and outdoor component so internal space is required.
  • Ecodan Hydrobox Systems provide a primary treated water supply and must be separated from domestic hot water sources via a heat exchange, IE Coiled cylinder or appropriately engineered plate heat exchanger.
  • It is recommended heat load calculations are completed to ensure the system has adequate capacity for the installation. Mitsubishi Electric has a team ready to assist with calculations and design plans.
  • For pool water heating please refer to the swimming pools and spas Ecodan range listing.
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps comply with the latest requirements for electrical products sold in New Zealand.

In-Service History

The Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump range has been sold in New Zealand for over 10 years and has a long record of success in a variety of New Zealand climates.

Mitsubishi Electric Hot Water Heat Pumps are installed through an extensive network of trained specialist dealers. This ensures projects are supported with a high level of product and installation quality.

The Mitsubishi Electric Product Range has been exclusively distributed by 100% locally owned and operated Black Diamond Technologies Limited for over 40 years in New Zealand.

Other Performance Attributes
  • High efficiency with COPs up to 5.06.*1
  • An Ecodan Heat Pump System can help reduce heating and hot water costs when compared to gas and direct electric systems.
  • Features fast heat-up times from 15°C – 55°C in one hour or 30 minutes to heat only half the tank (100 litres).*2
  • Built-In Smart Energy Monitoring: On-screen power usage information for efficient management of hot water power consumption. Includes daily and weekly timers to utilise off-peak tariffs for potential savings on power bills.
  • Zone Control for Central Heating: Allows setting different temperatures in various rooms or the option to turn off the heating in unused areas.
  • Quiet Operation of Outdoor Unit: The Ecodan system's outdoor unit functions quietly, suitable for noise-sensitive locations and ensures minimal disturbance to neighbours.
  • Cold Climate Performance: Models featuring Zubadan Inverter Technology ensure rated heating capacity is maintained even in outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C, with guaranteed heating operation at -25°C.
  • Compatibility with All Water Types: Ecodan is equipped with Scale Trap Technology to reduce scale buildup, maintaining effective operation across various water conditions.

*1Applicable to PUZ-WM60VAA-BS under normal heating conditions at outdoor temp: 7°CDB / 6°CWB, outlet water temp 35°C, inlet water temp 30°C as tested to BS EN1451

*2PUZ-WM112VAA outdoor unit with 200L cylinder, outdoor temp: 7°C


Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps come with a full 5 year warranty as standard, subject to the following conditions:

  • The Ecodan purchase and installation are registered with Black Diamond Technologies Limited (BDT).
  • The Ecodan must be installed and commissioned by a trained BDT installer.

Please see the warranty card for more information.


Warranty Terms & Conditions
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Mitsubishi Electric are leaders in providing energy efficient heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water heat pump solutions for both commercial buildings and residential homes.

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