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KOROK Delivers Fire and Acoustic Wall Systems for Medium Density Housing

KOROK Building Systems NZ Ltd is a New Zealand manufacturer which has 20 years of experience within the building industry. KOROK has grown a credible reputation in manufacturing reliable fire and acoustic wall systems.

KOROK produces a 51mm and 78mm panel which provides a -/60/60 FRR and is ideally suited for the requirements of medium-density housing (MDH) due to the excellent fire protection and acoustic capabilities. KOROK also features a narrow gauge which reduces space taken up by walls allowing for more useable floor space within the home. 

KOROK’s suitability has made them a popular resource amongst many MDH developers. Currently, KOROK is heavily involved in several projects at Hobsonville Point, Auckland. With up to 4,500 homes being developed up until 2024, KOROK is being trusted with contributing towards high spec residences.

A common concern with MDH that KOROK helps combat is the potential risk of hearing the neighbours on occasion. For example, being woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of loud music or even a washing machine. KOROK panels are designed to give occupants peace of mind and are entrusted to reduce this nuisance. KOROK exceeds MDH acoustic requirements of STC >55 for inter-tenancy walls and instead offers systems up to STC 69. This also gives the occupant the benefit of knowing that they themselves are not being a nuisance.

Another area which KOROK excels in is fire protection. Conventional framed wall systems rely on internal linings for fire resistance. Penetrating these linings potentially destroys the fire-rated barrier. However, in the KOROK system, the main fire barrier is located between frames and is designed to protect the structure on the side opposite the fire. KOROK products exceed MDH design requirements of 30 minutes fire protection between shared walls and instead provide owners with the confidence of at least an hour of fire protection.

KOROK products are sourced locally and manufactured to order from their workshop in Hamilton. KOROK products are then transported to customers' desired locations across the country. The team at KOROK work closely with customers to ensure that products are delivered on site at and at a suitable time. Installation of the product is a simple process as there are several installer groups across the country who can help. Otherwise, if a construction team would like to install it themselves, KOROK offers free on-site training (subject to location) along with comprehensive installation guides.

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