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Scissor Stair Wall Systems — Fire Rated Protection

For fire protection and acoustic performance, KOROK® has two-way fire-rated wall systems for fire separation of scissor or other stairs.

KOROK® has developed two-way firewall separation solutions for Scissor Stairs and Stairs up to Fire Resistance Rated (FRR) -/120/120, that are BRANZ tested and assessed by Warringtonfire.

KOROK® Scissor Stair wall systems can be constructed without limitation on the KOROK® wall heights, using panels installed in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

KOROK® Scissor Stair wall systems do not require additional structural support outside of the KOROK® components being directly attached to the stair landings and stair stringers. Exceptionally strong, yet lightweight, the interlocking panels can be easily erected making KOROK® Scissor Stair wall systems cost effective and faster to install than conventional wall systems.

Key Features
  • Construction and Material: The system is constructed using 78mm thick KOROK® panels, which can be oriented horizontally, vertically, or in a combination of both. These panels are installed between two independent stair stringers in scissor stair configurations.
  • Fire Resistance: KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems provide significant fire resistance, with fire resistance ratings (FRR) up to -/120/120, ensuring that they can withstand fire for up to 120 minutes in both horizontal and vertical directions.
  • Acoustic Performance: KOROK®’s inherent mass and interlocking design gives it outstanding acoustic reduction properties making it highly suitable in buildings where acoustic performance is critical, such as cinemas, lecture theatres, apartments, recording studios and industrial/commercial intertenancy situations
  • Design Responsibility: The responsibility for the design and detailing of the building incorporating KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems lies with the building owner and their engaged design services. This includes ensuring that the system meets all necessary specifications and any additional design requirements outside the scope of the provided manual.
  • Load Considerations: The system is non-load bearing but must account for dead and live loads which could cause deflection. Structural support must provide adequate vertical and lateral support, and the supporting structure must have an equal or higher fire rating than the KOROK® systems.
  • Compliance with Building Codes: The stair systems comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia 2022 and the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC), meeting all required standards for fire resistance and safety in construction.
  • Installation: Detailed installation guidelines are provided, emphasizing adherence to manual specifications to ensure proper performance and compliance.
  • Handrail Integration: Handrail design and attachment vary with building occupancy types, with specifications provided for where handrails can be attached directly to the KOROK® walls or must be connected to the building structure.
NZ Made
NZ Made
Recyclable Content (Post-Consumer)
Post-Consumer Recyclable Content
Scope of Use

The KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems detailed should cover most common situations where fire resistance is required.

KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems are walls constructed from 78mm thick, horizontally and/or vertically oriented KOROK® panels installed between two independent stair stringers in scissor stair configurations.

KOROK® wall systems are self-supporting non-load bearing walls that may be constructed with horizontally or vertically stacked panels, or a combination of both.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

The NZBC sets out both the legal minimum sound transmission between tenancies (Clause G6) and minimum levels of fire resistance (Clauses C3 and C6). The KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems Manual provides guidance on the specification and construction of systems that will both meet and exceed those minimum levels.

  • NZBC Clause B1 — Structure: The KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems meet the requirements for loads arising from self-weight, earthquake, wind, impact and creep and shrinkage.
  • NZBC Clause B2 – Durability: Under normal conditions of dry internal use, KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems have a serviceable life in excess of 50 years and satisfy the requirements of NZBC Clause B2 – Durability.
  • NZBC Clause C3 — Fire affecting areas beyond the source: KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems can be used to provide passive fire protection in accordance with the requirements of NZBC Clause 3 – Spread of Fire.
  • NZBC Clause C6 — Structural Stability: Compliance with (NZBC) Clause C6 ‘Structural Stability’. In order to satisfy the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (Clause C6) relating to “structural stability” designers must ensure that KOROK® elements are supported by primary elements that have at least the same fire rating as the KOROK® Scissor Stair System that is used. Where the primary elements supporting the KOROK® Scissor Stair System are outside the f ire cell, there is no requirement to apply the same FRR as the KOROK® Scissor Stair System. Notwithstanding, post fire stability requirements of the NZBC must also be satisfied.
  • NZBC Clause F2 — Hazardous Building Materials: KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems meet this requirement and will not present a health hazard to people.
  • NZBC Clause G6 — Airborne and Impact Sound: KOROK® Scissor Stair Systems, both meet and exceed the minimum requirements outlined in NZBC Clause G6. Consideration must be given to both the minimum requirements and the comfort of occupants.
B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
G6 Airborne and Impact Sound compliant
Airborne and Impact Sound
BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
KOROK® Scissor Stair Wall Systems

KOROK Buildings Systems NZ Ltd supply New Zealand made, fully-tested fire and acoustic walls systems.

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