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Keep Hot Water Safe with Safetemp

Hot water at the touch of a button is a requirement today but it's important to consider safety in any area where hot water is easily accessible - especially around children. A Safetemp hot water control valve by Leap provides security and safety in one system.

The Safetemp tempering valve monitors and manages the blend of hot and cold water via a special replaceable cartridge. A fail-safe mechanism shuts off supply if there’s no cold water, preventing scalding.

All hot water systems must have a temperature control device on the pipes leading to ablution areas. The unique design of Safetemp ensures hot water delivered to your taps won’t exceed 50°C, reducing the potential for burns – a must for any kitchen design. Safetemp also ensures the hot water at baths, showers and basins is safe.

Safetemp carries a Watermark License and is approved for use in Australia and New Zealand. As an added bonus, Safetemp has a replaceable cartridge a plumber can remove and replace easily and economically, while many other valves must be discarded and replaced after they reach the end of their working life, usually around five years.

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