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Freshflow Wastewater Plumbing System

Freshflow is a new space-saving design to discharge wastewater hygienically without any odour and contamination from the wastewater system. Freshflow combines the advanced HepvO self-sealing waterless waste valve with easy-to-install flexible HepFlex Waste piping. This innovative system replaces space-hungry S or U traps with a hygienic valve that provides an effective and reliable barrier against sewer gases escaping into a building.

Accommodating the bend of a traditional trap often requires cutting through shelves or floors. With Freshflow’s HepvO valve, piping can be installed in a straight line or at a neat 90° angle from the fixture’s outlet.

Water held in traditional traps can stagnate resulting in the build-up of waste material – particularly under less frequently used fi xtures. This in turn can cause bacterial or fungal growth that can escape back into your home. Because it’s water free, Freshflow’s HepvO valve doesn’t promote this build-up.

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