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A Discreet Fire Sprinkler System for Rural Homes

When designing homes on rural sites it’s important to consider fire protection. In order to meet NZBC requirements, homes located beyond fire brigade call-out services must either have a minimum of 45,000L dedicated water supply on site or a sprinkler system installed in the home.

While a large water supply may seem the less intrusive option, this does mean losing space on the property to extra water tanks. In the case of a fire, this option also leaves residents waiting for the fire service to arrive and connect to that water supply in order to put out the fire. A wait of just ten minutes could result in harm to residents and extensive damage to property.

The BLAZESTOP home fire sprinkler system from LEAP is a simple and effective alternative. Meeting NZS: 4517: 2010 Fire sprinkler systems for houses, the BLAZESTOP home fire sprinkler system is activated by heat — providing a rapid response to household fires. The system can run off either a pump and tank or main water supply — eliminating the need for an additional water supply.

Saves time

The automatic activation of BLAZESTOP saves crucial time in the event of a fire — a key benefit for properties in remote areas which can save lives and property.

Minimises water damage

With heat sensors identifying the location of the fire, only the sprinkler in the affected area is activated. This minimises water damage in the building and reduces the amount of water used to put out the fire.

Discreet design

The BLAZESTOP system features concealed sprinklers with discreet 60mm cover plates — some of the smallest on the market. With white, black and chrome options available, the system can be subtly incorporated into any design. Sidewall and pendent sprinklers are also available as required.

Design and compliance service

LEAP provides time savings for architects through their expert design service. The team at LEAP enjoy working on challenging projects and designing to the requirements of each particular home. They also remove the hassle of compliance by providing architects with a full design calculation and the documentation needed for building consent.

Accurate supply and simple installation

LEAP makes installation simple by supplying their system in labelled kits with drawings and detailed info for installers. By supplying the full system rather than parts, LEAP also ensures an accurate custom-designed system.

For information on how the BLAZESTOP Home Fire Sprinkler System can be incorporated into upcoming residential projects, contact LEAP.

View more information on Leap, including contact details.
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