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New Air-Tested Plumbing System Reduces Risk of Water Damage

Wavin Tigris is a premium range of plumbing fittings designed with installers in mind by Wavin — a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipe systems and solutions. Featuring an acoustic leak alert, increased flow and Multijaw for simple installation, this new range is aimed at making installation as easy as possible.

Water-free pressure testing

Wavin Tigris K5/M5 fittings feature a unique acoustic leak alert which enables installers to detect any leaks caused by fittings that have not been pressed. Any unpressed fitting will make a hissing sound of up to 80dB — making it easy to locate the source of the leak. Not only does this acoustic leak detection system save plumbers valuable time, but it also reduces the risk of water damage due to leakages. And with pressure testing possible before water is available on site, the system brings added flexibility to construction programmes.

In4Sure and EasyFit for stress-free installation

To simplify the installation process, Wavin Tigris fittings feature IN4SURE 360° pipe visibility so plumbers can easily check if pipes are inserted properly. And the EASYFIT design of the fittings means it’s not necessary to calibrate or chamfer the pipe after cutting.

Highly compatible Multijaw

To help installers save time, Wavin has designed the K5 and M5 fitting to be compatible with a wide range of jaw profiles including U and Up, TH, H and B. This enables plumbers to easily install the Wavin Tigris system without switching tools — all while retaining the system warranty.

Increased flow rate

Wavin Tigris K5/M5 fittings feature increased inner bores called OPTIFLOW, providing a 50% increase in flow rate compared with the popular Wavin Tigris K1/M1 system.

Material options and sizes to suit any project

There are two material options on offer with Wavin Tigris fittings. The Wavin Tigris M5 is a metal press fitting made of UBA-listed drinking water approved brass materials, and is ideal for any project where brass is preferred. The Wavin Tigris K5 is a press fitting comprising high-performance Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), making it a lighter weight option and particularly well suited to areas with hard water.

Both the Wavin Tigris K5 and M5 are available in a range of fitting sizes from 16mm to 75mm, making them suitable for a broad range of projects — from residential kitchens, to commercial and industrial applications.

The Wavin Tigris M5/K5 range of pipe fittings is ideal for projects where clients, architects and plumbers want the time-savings and added peace of mind of a premium plumbing solution.

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