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Tips For Smoothing The Balustrade Consent Process

Often specifiers are asked by the Building Consent Authority (BCA) or Territorial Authority (T/A) for more information, or have the consent declined because details on the plans do not match the standard details.

The following is designed as a quick checklist to help specifiers with the balustrade consent process:

TIP 1: State the name of the balustrade system correctly and clearly. Because Juralco's systems are all Specific Engineering Design (SED) Systems, they have been tested to comply with the relevant New Zealand Standards. The Producer Statement (PS1) is the statement by the engineer confirming this, but is unlikely to be accepted by the BCA if the balustrade names do not match.

TIP 2: Include fixing details for all substrates (steel, concrete, wood) and fixing locations (top or face fix) used in the project, enabling the BCA to check that the maximum span and height specified on the plans conform to details in the product manual.

TIP 3: State the height of the balustrade from the deck level, or post/clamp fixing to the top of the balustrade and the post/clamp spacing. This allows the BCA to check that the use of the product is inside the design parameters.

TIP 4: Clarify the definition of the area around a balustrade. Is it residential or commercial? What is the occupancy type, wind zone and corrosion zone? Including a small table might be a visual reminder that this has been checked and a good summary for the BCA to follow.

TIP 5: If the balustrade is glass, state the glass type and thickness. Is an interlinking rail, or handrail needed? If including an interlinking rail, show details on how it is connected to the glass and where it terminates (at a building or post).

TIP 6: If planning to use a detail not in the standard manual, then a Site Specific PS1 will be required. With the construction industry operating near capacity at the moment, allow 2-3 weeks for a simple detail to be approved, or longer if it requires additional design and calculations.

TIP 7: A producer statement is required to be submitted with the plans, for a standard PS1 (non-structural glass) visit the Juralco Balustrades website, fill in your details and a PS1 will be sent to back instantly.

If you have any problems at all, contact the supplier of your balustrade system, or Juralco at [email protected].

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