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Fireshield Coatings Ltd: Your Professional Intumescent Coatings Support Team

It is Fireshield’s mission to help simplify the specification of intumescent coatings and aid the design process for architects and designers. Fireshield understands that the intumescent coatings package is only one small but essential part of the larger project and historically it has not been well understood.

Fireshield is backed by a full suite of specifier support tools and has a dedicated technical team made up of former architectural designers that understand the design process. The team can assist with specific questions and details, advising on the Code of Practice and ensuring Building Code compliance, letting the design team get on with the exciting stuff.

Fireshield have real passion for helping the design team find creative solutions to problems and assisted by their Fire Engineer they can back this up with specific designs and testing if required.

Always happy to don PPE and get their hands dirty, Fireshield will attend site at any stage whether it is a design query or a technical applicator query.

This a full consultancy service available to specifiers providing independent fire engineering which includes a formal consultancy agreement and independent indemnity insurance, support during the specification process, on-site during application and after application. Designed to simplify the process and coordinate project documentation between:

  • Architectural
  • Fire engineering
  • Structural engineering

Fireshield takes responsibility for the intumescent design and specification package including:

Off site:

  • Full independent fire engineering review of the project intumescent coating requirements for NZBC fire compliance
  • Fire testing of construction design details
  • Project and document co-ordination between the architect, fire engineer and structural engineer
  • Issuing of a PS1 / PS4 for special design if required*
  • Complete materials take off or loading schedule for product quantities
  • Complete the specification documentation and package for the consent, tender and application process.
  • Professional indemnity insurance

On site:

  • Site inspections
  • Applicator training
  • Site specific warranty issued.
  • Final inspection and PS4 issued if required.

Fireshield has been engaged to provide consultancy and specific design solutions on many large projects in New Zealand, one example is the restoration of the historic HB Central building in Queen Street, Auckland with Warren and Mahoney Architects for the Morton Property Group.

Established in 1880, the building consists of beautiful timber floors and supporting structure at every level, the project team wanted to have the timber ceiling structure exposed to view which brought issues with fire compliance.

Rather than use fire rated ceilings and hide the original timber structure, the solution was a specific design completed by Fireshield using Fireshield TimberWhite accompanied by a PS1 + PS4 to protect the exposed timber structure making the fire compliance a simpler process for the entire design team and the construction team on site.

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