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Unleash the Beauty of Timber Inside and Out with Fireshield WoodSafe

Fireshield WoodSafe-Exterior and WoodSafe-Interior represent a significant innovation in the building industry in NZ, providing a revolutionary range of fire-rated timbers that allow the use of timber cladding on buildings over 10 metres in height and internal linings that meet a Group 1-S rating, bringing back beauty and design freedom to the industry.

What makes WoodSafe innovative is its fire-retardant system, achieved through a heat-treated polymeric system that is durable for the timber's entire lifespan. This fire treatment process is pressurised and heat-treated into the fibres of the timber, providing a certified Type A (Exterior) or Group Surface 1-S (Interior). The fire rating never requires maintenance. The timber can be stained or oiled, prolonging the timber’s life.

Woodsafe-Exterior: Type A Cladding and Internal Linings for Wet/Humid Areas

WoodSafe-Exterior is the only timber in NZ that meets Type A certification for external use above 10 metres or within a metre from the boundary, giving architects and builders greater flexibility and creativity in their designs. WoodSafe-Exterior's fire-retardant properties are weather-tested (ASTM D2898 & EN16755), leach-resistant, and suitable for severe environments, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of external and wet area uses. WoodSafe-Exterior achieves a Group 1-S rating, ideal for use in wet or high humidity interior spaces. WoodSafe-Exterior uses only FSC and PEFC sourced timber and is considered untreated timber when being disposed of, making it a sustainable choice, backed by European EPD’s.

Woodsafe-Interior – Group 1-S Internal Linings

Compared to applied coatings, WoodSafe-Interior has numerous benefits in regard to cost, construction programme and durability. As the timber comes to site pre-finished, it reduces programme timelines and costs associated with on-site works. When taking this into account alongside costs of materials and labour, WoodSafe-Interior is cost-competitive with coatings.

WoodSafe comes to site pre-finished and ready to install, but please be aware of the lead times. It is advisable to contact your Fireshield Woodsafe representative asap in the design process.

Fireshield Woodsafe-Interior is cost-competitive in comparison to applied coatings.

At its end of life, WoodSafe is considered untreated timber, making it a sustainable choice for the environment. Woodsafe contains zero halogens and VOC’s, and there is no leaching of ammonium phosphates. European EPD’s are available.

WoodSafe has a fire-retardant treatment that lasts the lifetime of the timber and is not susceptible to damage. Specified stains will need to be applied at intervals as per manufacturer recommendations.

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Unleash the Beauty of Timber Inside and Out with Fireshield WoodSafe
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