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June 2012

Why Can't Ceilings Be More Like Floors?

Consider texture, size and shape, perforation and borders to give your ceiling its own expression. For many, what is above their line of sight is academic but what Asona believes that if you create interest it will become part of the overall design and add to a more cohesive working environment.

Asona is not advocating that you spend your day lying on your back staring up at ceilings, although the company doesn't mind if that it is the effect it has on you! It is just saying that next time you plan out an environment, consider continuing your interior themes up into the ceilings.

Asona can help with technical advice and its in-house design team can work with your concept ideas to integrate the ceiling plan into your interior theme. Call Asona on 09 525 6575 or email [email protected] to discuss your ideas, or look at Asona's full range of products online.



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