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Seismolock Plaster

Many older brick and masonry buildings now must be structurally upgraded or face an early retirement at the hands of the demolition contractors. Other buildings, such as those damaged by earthquakes need to be strengthened as part of their reinstatement to safe habitable buildings.

The Seismolock GRC Strengthening System offers a simple and economical alternative to traditional strengthening methods. The Seismolock GRC System utilises a proprietary polypropylene fibre reinforced plaster, a specially formulated acrylic resin and a high-tensile strength fibreglass mesh to provide a thin coat plaster that will strengthen existing brick and masonry walls to resist earthquake loads.

The Seismolock GRC Plaster is formulated to provide a strong bond to the surface of a masonry wall while the embedded layers of fibreglass mesh provide the tensile strength to resist in-plane shear loads and face loads on brick and masonry walls.

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