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Insulated Ceiling Board Saves Energy and Upgrades Acoustics

New Zealand has a sizeable stock of prefabricated buildings, particularly in the education sector. Most of these buildings are poorly insulated and known for being damp and cold in winter and too hot in summer.

Upgrading the roof/ceiling thermal insulation in these buildings is difficult as in most cases there is no accessible cavity for overlaid or blown insulation. The solution is to apply the insulation directly under the existing ceiling and to do that Asona recommends Triton 75- R 2.2 prefinished thermoacoustic ceiling board.

Manufactured in NZ from laminated high density compressed glass wool insulation, the 2400 x 1200 x 75mm panels are rigid enough to free span to perimeter cover battens without central fixings. The panels are pre-finished with fire-resistant acoustic laminate facings and the rear side is laminated with a porous tissue (which helps let the existing lining breath) or with optional aluminium foil. Installed with Asona’s framing system, the prefinished panels offer significant savings in installation, material and labour costs and eliminate plastering and painting costs altogether to speed up finishing.

On the technical side, the Triton 75 board is fire Group 1-S, has R2.2 thermal insulation, is lightweight for seismic and has superb acoustic performance with NRC 1.0. The boards are available in a wide range of sizes and decorative acoustic laminate finishes from white, wood prints, colours, greys and black. Triton 75 is also included in Asona’s product stewardship recycle and renew programme.

When installed in a typical prefabricated classroom the upgraded space is warmer in winter, cooler in summer and meets the new DQLS acoustic requirements for designing quality learning spaces for improved speech intelligibility.

The bottom line is that Asona Triton 75 helps achieve better energy utilisation, better health, comfort and learning outcomes at a competitive price.
Interested in upgrading a prefab building with Triton 75? Please contact Asona today.

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