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Polymer Concrete Slot

Allproof Industries' commercial linear drainage is the ideal solution to all heavy duty channel requirements, and is available rated from load class A to D.

The PC Range utilises polymers to supplement cement as the binder material, this creates a durable product that is highly resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and has extremely low permeability, making it excellent for commercial linear drainage installation.

Key Features
  • Polymer Concrete
  • Galvanised or stainless steel edge
  • Straight lengths and sloped joiners
  • Range of sizes and grate options
  • 75 to 225mm deep – including high capacity 200mm wide channel
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use
  • Allproof Industries' commercial linear drainage is the ideal solution to all heavy duty channel requirements
  • Available rated from load class A to E

The system design accommodates runs of up to 43 metres, terminating at a sump. A mirror image can then be run in the opposite direction, resulting in maximum length of 76 metres between sumps. Overall system length is unlimited, dependent on required flow rates or other constraints.

Limitations on Use
  • Maximum length of 76 metres between sumps
  • Overall system length is unlimited — this may be reduced dependent on required flow rates or other constraints
In-Service History

Our Polymer Concrete channel has been used in a wide variety of installations around New Zealand and Australia including government facilities and communal areas.

Most notiably our channel can be seen in Takapuna commons, Ponsonby Central as well as in car parks, factories, loading docks and other industrial situations.

Installation Details
Revit - Polymer Concrete Slot


Maintenance Instructions


Masterspec Specification
Additional Information

A New Zealand owned company specialising in the manufacture of plumbing and drainage products and systems.

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