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More than Lighting: The Ventilation Benefit of Skylights

With energy efficiency a major consideration in home design, designers can often wonder where and how they can make necessary improvements; an often overlooked approach is the use of skylights.

The obvious advantage that comes to mind is less reliance on artificial lighting, but there's a much greater impact by using opening skylights to reduce homeowners' dependency on climate control. The true benefit relies on the well-known fact that heat rises. As skylights are usually the highest point in the ceiling, they can take advantage of this natural phenomena to efficiently vent heat during the summer, while remaining shut during the winter; though even in winter, recycling the air by ventilating every few hours is still advised. The EECA had this to say, "Good ventilation is essential for maintaining air quality and removing excess moisture from your home."

To add icing on the cake, VELUX offers a solar powered variant of their electric skylight. This gives homeowners the ability to open and close skylights on a timer function; without drawing any power from the grid.

If you have any questions or wish to get a quote, give Velux a call.

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