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Off-Site Assembly with Stickman

Stickman Joinery profiles are regularly used for offsite assembly. Furniture, storage systems and decorative panels are machined at factories and assembled off-site. They can then be shipped fully/partially built, or totally flat-packed for ease of transport, and orderly on-site assembly.

Stickman's Split Rail System is especially good for attaching to walls, decorative panels and storage panels. Pre-drill the backs of panels off-site for clips or rails. A separate rail is screwed to joists in the wall. The panel is then lowered onto this rail, this also enables the panel to be removed if needed.

Joinery for the recently completed Ritz Carlton Hotel in Perth was machined offsite in Adelaide. The use of Split Rail Clips meant that the decorative panels could have screw holes pre-drilled on the back for the clips. This allowed the panels to be flat packed with no damage from fixings, and the clips then fastened on site.

An example of Stickman's corners being used in off-site manufacturing was by Bernhardt Joinery, North Carolina. They used New Zealand made Stickman profiles to enable them to off-site manufacture for refitting a large Chicago law firm.

Bernhardt assembled prototypes of each unit in the factory to ensure measurements and programming were correct. They then machined and flat packed multiple of these units for transport for efficient assembly on-site in Chicago.

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