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High-Performance Warm Roof System Specified for Combined High School Campus

The new Shirley Boys College and Avonside Girls College in Christchurch have been constructed on a combined campus in one of New Zealand’s largest secondary school construction projects. With installation efficiency, weathertightness and thermal performance crucial, the architects specified over 17,000m² of RoofLogic roof systems for roofing across the campus.

“The architects and clients required a robust, externally insulated roofing system that was going to last the distance,” explains Josh Beyer, Systems Management and Development, RoofLogic. “Our focus was to provide a roofing solution that not only addressed the technical considerations such as durability, weathertightness, long term thermal performance and preventing condensation risk, but could also be installed efficiently by the roofing contractor.”

This installation efficiency was delivered with the RoofLogic Ultratherm MSR system — a unique high-performance four-layer warm roof system that significantly speeds up the construction process compared to other six or seven step systems.

This high-performance RoofLogic Ultratherm MSR warm roof system comprises four layers:

  • RoofLogic Liner deck: A metal liner deck which enables early close-in for projects, effectively increasing construction programme efficiency.
  • RoofLogic Vapour Control Layer: A self-adhesive continuous vapour control layer which prevents internal moisture from condensing within the roofing assembly. Installation of the vapour control layer extends into internal gutters and outlets to ensure stormwater is well managed during the construction phase of the build.
  • RoofLogic PIR Board: A rigid PIR insulation layer that provides excellent thermal performance and completely eliminates thermal bridging.
  • RoofLogic Topdeck: RoofLogic’s popular roofing profile which is locally roll-formed to the exact length required — in this case 34m. This eliminates the need for problematic end laps — a common weakness with composite insulated panel systems.

RoofLogic supported the architects and contractors throughout the design and build stages to tailor the system to specific project requirements. “One of the areas of concern was around how we would detail our roofing system around 113 skylights that were scattered throughout the building,” explains Josh. Meeting this challenge, RoofLogic constructed a roof sample, for all parties to review and sign off, that showed how each layer of the roof build-up would be installed around the skylights. “The solution was seen as a more integrated approach and removed the initial perceived risk,” explains Josh.

Installation went smoothly with the roofing contractor able to confidently work with the system to provide an excellent finished roof. “The benefits and efficiencies of our system were exploited by the roofing contractor, Graham Hill Roofing, who did an exceptional job of installing the roofing assembly,” says Josh.

Ultimately, the use of the four-layer RoofLogic Ultratherm MSR system resulted in construction efficiencies and high performance. Most importantly, students and staff of the two colleges will benefit from a low maintenance roof that offers excellent thermal performance, mitigates condensation risk and provides assured weathertightness. “The feedback we have received from all stakeholders has been extremely positive,” says Josh.

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