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FiberthermX: A Cost-Effective High-Performance Warm Roof Solution

RoofLogic’s FiberthermX system stands out as one of the most cost-effective high-performance warm roof solutions currently available, with specifications on many projects across New Zealand. Its versatility spans office developments, distribution centres, large-scale retail establishments, and educational projects. A notable recent project is the Manawa Bay Premium Outlet Mall at Auckland Airport, featuring a substantial roof area of approximately 35,000m².

At the heart of FiberthermX's design is its innovative Structural Post and Rail system. This component offers different heights in order to meet the roof's thermal resistance in alignment with H1 design criteria (150mm, 165mm, 200mm, 220mm, 250mm). Tailored specifically for New Zealand's commercial thermal requirements, it provides R-values ranging from R3.5 to R7. The marginal cost associated with enhancing the thermal performance of the roof using this system is minimal, offering an attractive option to compensate for other aspects of the design.

Project-specific hygrothermal analysis is conducted to eliminate condensation risks. The integration of vapour control and external insulation ensures that the structure maintains warmth, preventing internal warm air from reaching the dew point temperature.

FiberthermX guarantees long-term weathertightness by utilising standard long-run metal roofing profiles and flashing design, adhering to the New Zealand Building Code (E2) and Metal Roofing Manufacturers Code of Practice. Unlike composite panel roofs, FiberthermX eliminates weathertightness vulnerabilities by avoiding overlapping butt joins.

Every component within the FiberthermX system is non-combustible, meeting AS1530.1 standards. This includes the metal liner, metal top skin, the FiberthermX structural system, and the mineral fibre insulation.

Environmental sustainability is a key feature, with all metal components being recyclable, and the insulation composed of approximately 80% recycled material. Both the metal roofing and insulation components carry the Declare label. The system is favoured for projects aiming for 7 Greenstar ratings in commercial ventures. An advantage of separable systems like FiberthermX is the ability to replace the top skin while leaving the remainder of the assembly in place.

FiberthermX excels in rain noise attenuation and sound transmission with an A-weighted sound intensity level (LIA) of 43.6dB at a 40mm p/hour rainfall rate. With an STC rating of 37-41dB, it outperforms insulated roof panels, creating a significantly quieter internal environment. Perforated liner options are available as part of the system to control reverberation without requiring a suspended ceiling assembly.

Initially designed for large-scale commercial ventures, the FiberthermX system has rapidly gained popularity due to its superior performance, efficient construction processes, and enhanced operational efficiency throughout a building's lifecycle.

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