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Ultratherm Xtreme Membrane Warm Roof System

Rooflogic Ultratherm Xtreme is an insulated membrane roof assembly providing superior thermal and acoustic performance and extreme durability for high-end commercial projects, including low pitch and trafficable solutions.

Incorporating Fibertite KEE membrane or Derbigum modified bitumen membranes, Ultratherm Xtreme system is installed over RoofLogic's engineered structural base deck or standard plywood and concrete substrates.

Engineers have meticulously designed each component of the RoofLogic Ultratherm Xtreme system to deliver the utmost levels of performance. RL BaseDeck is the only steel base deck that has undergone rigorous testing in New Zealand for wind uplift, point load, and fastener pull-out resistance.

RL PIR Board provides exceptional thermal performance (and meets all the Climate Zones for H1 as per the NZBC). It also offers improved impact resistance due to a high compressive strength twice that of most other PIR product in the New Zealand market.

For projects requiring enhanced impact resistance, trafficability, and acoustics, RoofLogic specifies a range of high-density roof boards to meet its demands.

Key Features
  • Designed, engineered, and tested as a system
  • Management of condensation risk
  • Acoustic performance
  • Weathertightness
  • Thermal performance
  • Durability
  • Fire performance
  • Design flexibility
Membrane Roofing
Scope of Use
  • RoofLogic Ultratherm Xtreme is a membrane warm roof system for high-end commercial projects
  • Provides thermal, acoustic and structural performance
  • Ideal for low pitch and trafficable roofs
  • Fibertite membrane is ideal in High Wind zones, high UV areas, and areas with chemical exposure
  • Installed over RoofLogic's engineered structural base deck or standard plywood and concrete substrates
  • RoofLogic offers tailored system designs for each project
  • Suitable for all New Zealand climate zones
  • All RoofLogic warm roof membrane and metal skin roofing systems can go up to ISO Category 5 Corrosion Zones (severe marine environments)

See BRANZ Appraisals 884 (Fibertite) and 923 (Derbigum) for full information.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

See BRANZ Appraisals 884 (Fibertite) and 923 (Derbigum) for full compliance information.

In-Service History

The 40 year service history of Fibertite roofing membrane demonstrates its effectiveness and durability in various environments. Since its first installation in 1979 in the USA, roofs with Fibertite membranes have consistently provided reliable protection.

Fibertite projects include:

  • New Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club
  • Nelson Airport
  • Weta Digital
  • Wellington College

Derbigum began producing roofing membranes in 1932 and since that time has established itself as a manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing systems with extreme durability. Over the last 20 years Derbigum's focus on sustainability has seen it develop innovative roofing membranes, production methods and recycling practices. 

Derbigum projects include:

  • Te Kongahu — Waitangi Museum
  • St Andrews Colleage Centennial Chapel
  • University of Waikato Tauranga Campus
  • Christchurch Girls High School
Other Performance Attributes

Durability: The inclusion of RoofLogic Roof Board makes the UltraTherm Xtreme — FiberTite system highly resistant to impact. PIR insulation board has a relatively low compressive strength (approx. 20 psi) and is easily damaged which in turn compromises the long-term integrity of the roofing membrane and the thermal performance of the system.

Roof Board has the highest compressive strength of any roof board (1800 psi), ensuring resistance to environmental impact and repeated foot traffic. This is critical to long-term waterproofing and thermal performance.

BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
System Overview: RL Ultratherm Xtreme


BRANZ Appraisal 884: Fibertite Roofing Systems

No 884 [2020]

BRANZ Appraisal 923: Derbigum Roofing Systems

923 [2021]

ColorCote — Corrosion Zones
ColorCote Colour Chart

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