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The Best of Water and Oil with Resene Waterborne Alkyds

Resene has a new category of paint for designers to choose from for their projects. Once there were solvent-borne paints, then there were waterborne paints — and now there are waterborne alkyd hybrid technology paints that combine the best of both.

The new evolution to waterborne alkyd technology provides additional performance benefits combined with improved sustainability. They look like traditional solvent-borne paints, but with the easy water wash-up and lower VOCs of waterborne paints. Compared to a waterborne enamel, a waterborne alkyd has a tougher finish, but it is slower to dry. The slower dry time allows the painter more time to work the finish without resulting in excessive brush or roller marks.

Waterborne alkyds are ideal for use where a very hardwearing waterborne finish is preferred, such as in bathrooms and wet areas.

Resene Room Velvet low sheen has moved to a waterborne alkyd version, replacing the old solvent-borne version. This new product is available in white and off white colours. Joining Resene Room Velvet is Resene Waterborne Lusta-Glo, a waterborne alkyd version of the popular Resene Lusta-Glo finish. Resene Lusta-Glo is predominantly used on trims, doors and wet areas for its durable and easy to clean finish. With the new waterborne alkyd version, projects can enjoy the durability and easy clean finish of the solvent-borne product with the added benefits of low odour and low VOCs.

See Data Sheet D320 for more information on Resene Room Velvet. Resene Waterborne Lusta-Glo information will be available soon.

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