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REHAU Launches New Lead-Free Plumbing System

Everybody has the right to clean water and this is what drives REHAU’s commitment to creating innovative and sustainable plumbing systems that deliver safe, clean drinking water to the community.

In New Zealand, the availability of clean drinking water is generally taken for granted, yet for a number of years, there has been a growing concern regarding the purity of NZ's drinking water. Recent cases of elevated lead in drinking water in Christchurch and Auckland taps have resulted in more serious discussions regarding the importance of tighter regulations on plumbing materials and design.

It is widely known that many components that make up the water supply networks are made from DZR brass. Yet, it is not widely understood that these brass components contain varying concentrations of lead. Lead gives brass some valuable properties including machinability and malleability, making it more cost-effective to produce. Nevertheless, if consumed it is extremely harmful to human health. In Germany and the USA more stringent lead content regulations have been in place to reduce the risk of lead contamination in drinking water, driving manufacturers to develop low lead or lead-free solutions.

REHAU ANZ is pleased to introduce the first lead-free PE-X plumbing range to New Zealand. REHAU’s Lead-Free RAUTITAN range consists of their renowned premium quality, high-flexibility PE-Xa PN20 pipe combined with Lead-free PPSU PX polymer fittings, lead-free Gunmetal (RX+) fittings and PX polymer sleeves to create a cleaner and safer plumbing system.

The complete REHAU Lead-Free RAUTITAN System features: 

  • PE-Xa RAUTITAN Pipe: A naturally lead-free pipe treated to ensure optimal flexibility, toughness and cleanliness. PE-XA RAUTITAN Pipe is available in sizes from 16mm to 63mm for a range of applications including domestic hot and cold water, rainwater, recycled water and hydronic heating,
  • PVDF PX Polymer Fittings: Fittings made from PVDF, a 100% lead-free, hygienic and corrosion-proof material — meaning it will not deteriorate over time, suffer oxide build-up or leach lead into the water. Five times lighter than brass, the PVDF PX Polymer Fittings are available in non-threaded fittings in sizes 16-40mm.
  • Gunmetal RX+ Fittings: Fittings made of a high-quality low-lead bronze, also known as Red Brass or Gunmetal. Gunmetal RX+ Fittings have a maximum lead content of 0.1%, exceeding the most stringent international standard for low-lead drinking water systems.
  • PX Polymer Sleeves: While compression sleeves are never in contact with water (and therefore not covered by international low-lead regulation) REHAU has gone the extra mile by providing PVDF PX sleeves — a 100% lead-free option. PX Polymer Sleeves are available in sizes 16 to 40mm for use with REHAU water, gas and heating piping systems. 
  • U-Bend Fittings:  REHAU's Gunmetal U-bend fittings are designed to minimise dead-legs and allow water to flow through plumbing fixtures even if they are not in frequent use. The U-bends reduce the risk of legionella growth, facilitating the delivery of safer and cleaner water for the community.
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