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Nuralite System Solutions for Efficient Energy Use

“To facilitate efficient use of energy” — is the primary objective of the H1 requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

The H1 requirements focus on optimising energy usage within buildings and avoiding unnecessary wastage. As we strive as an industry to reduce the carbon in our building stock, utilising energy in the most efficient way possible aligns with our goals.

From November 2022, changes to commercial building requirements mean increased insulation within the building envelope. In particular, to achieve compliance using the schedule method, roofs now have significantly higher minimum R-values than previously. Importantly, the further south the building, the higher the insulation required.

System solutions for compliance

Nuralite offers a range of roof systems that comply with the new H1 requirements.

When a membrane roof is required, the Nuratherm Warm Roof System provides an ideal solution for H1. Nuratherm delivers significant energy savings through continuous insulation and air tightness. Both CodeMark and BRANZ certified, the Nuratherm Warm Roof System has been a market leader in New Zealand for over 15 years.

The Nuratherm Warm Roof System meets the new minimum R-values in each climate zone with a range of thicknesses available. Nuralite's 80mm PIR insulation has an R-value of 3.6 and 160mm has an R-Value of 7. It can be finished in a double-layer torch on Nuraply 3PM membrane or single-layer Nuraply TPO membrane and comes with a 20-year warranty.

Nuralite strongly recommend you watch their webinar on Understanding Continuous Insulation and H1 Requirements, with 10 CPD points available for the presentation. You can view it on Nuralite's Education page here.

Nuralite also offers the Tapered Warm Roof System, this solution uses tapered PIR boards to create roof falls without the use of heavy screeds. The tapered insulation follows a plan similar to a jigsaw puzzle with sections mapped out by their design software.
Nuralite's in-house technical team can produce project-specific board layouts to then be installed on a completely flat concrete substrate. This can make the build cheaper and more efficient.

The required R-values to meet H1 are calculated in the roof plan, ensuring the building is as optimised for your requirements.

If a long-run, metal roof is required, the Tricore Insulated Roof System has been developed in partnership with Dimond. Designed as a metal skin warm roof, it allows for higher R-Values without the need for large cavities. It can also be installed in long-run metal profiles making it extremely fast and easy to install. With high thermal performance and speed of installation, the Tricore system makes a great choice for commercial buildings.

Specified on mixed-use buildings, sports centres and learning spaces around New Zealand, the system provides a consistent R-Value across the roof, while allowing the required amount of air movement and controlling moisture.

Recently a standout project Nuralite's products were used on to achieve energy efficiency was the Te Hononga Hundertwasser Memorial Park. Located in Kawakawa this new multi-purpose community space, provides a library, a museum, and a memorial to the famed artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

The uniquely shaped roof was designed by Avail Pacific Architects and was made up of a Nuratherm Warm Roof with 80mm PIR. There were other roof areas which used Nuraply 3PM and Nuraply 3PG for a Green Roof.

The Nuratherm Warm Roof System was able to exceed the H1 requirements of R3.5 for Climate Zone 1.

The Nuralite team is looking forward to being involved in more projects where they can create energy-efficient commercial buildings. Please let them know if they can assist you with your next project to meet the H1 requirements. 

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