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Nuraply Everguard TPO Membrane Declared Red List Free

To align their product offerings with their views on sustainability, Nuralite has sought to become Declare verified Red List Free, in accordance with the International Living Future Institute. Declare is a reliable and independent declaration label that discloses Red List status and potential environmental impact. The Red List is frequently updated and contains hundreds of damaging chemicals and toxins. The Nuraply Everguard TPO roof membrane and warm roof system is the first Nuralite system to be Declared and help Nuralite toward achieving their goal.

The Adhered TPO Roofing system is Declared Red List Free, meaning that the product ingredients are 100% disclosed to 100ppm and do not contain any Red List chemicals. Consisting of a Nuraply Everguard TPO and Polyiso Insulation board, the TPO Warm Roof provides energy efficiency and is 100% recyclable, being made from products that are non-hazardous to the environment. At the end of its life the mechanically adhered system can also be de-constructed.

This makes the Nuraply Everguard TPO an excellent candidate for small and large commercial projects with an emphasis on environmental rating, specifically the Living Building Challenge which is widely considered as the most advanced green building standard in the world. The TPO Roofing System has been shown to meet both the Materials Petal and the Emissions Testing criteria for the Living Building Challenge.

Nuraply Everguard TPO is offered in Light Grey and White, and with the Polyiso insulated roof option. This will reflect solar radiant heat and insulate from the cold, both properties offering substantial cost saving advantages in terms of heating/cooling.

In addition to the cost-saving traits of TPO, flexibility and durability make this product resistant to tears and other impact damages. After construction, it is common for buildings to settle and move. The flexibility of the TPO membrane allows the material to perform under these variable conditions without compromising the integrity of the membrane.

The demand for building materials that support human and environmental health is a trend that we will see increasing. By having their Adhered TPO Roofing system Declared as Red List Free Nuralite hopes it will inspire others to move forward in helping them achieve complete product transparency.

For more information on Nuralite systems contact a local technical advisor.

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December 2018 EBOSSNOW Product News
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