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MacDonald Industries' Water and Energy Saving Tapware for Commercial Bathrooms

Water needs to be managed in an economical and an ecological way, now and for future generations. Delabie's water controls far exceed the highest levels of international environmental standards thanks to their performance in terms of water savings.

Up to 90% Water and Energy Saving

The water savings generated allow energy savings (the amount of water saved does not need to be heated), and less equipment is required. Lower flow rates and water consumption mean that lower capacity pipe work and water heating equipment can be installed.

Energy Saving

Electronic Controls:

Delabie's electronic mixers and taps require less energy to operate. Delabie has chosen infrared active pulse technology, a low-power consumption solution.

The infrared beam is emitted intermittently, saving energy while ensuring effective detection. Delabie's battery-operated electronic models have an average life span of 350,000 operations (or 3 to 6 years) depending on the frequency of use. The Lithium batteries are widely available, affordable and recyclable.

Time Flow Controls:

Delabie's time flow mixers and taps operate completely autonomously with no need for electrical supply. They do not consume any power at all.

The significant hot water savings provided by Delabie's mixers and taps also result in energy savings.


Compared to conventional mixers and taps, Delabie's electronic controls can offer maximum water saving. This ensures water bills can be reduced whilst preserving user comfort.

Delabie's electronic controls are regulated at 3 lpm. The flow rate remains constant regardless of the water pressure in the system. The flow rate is pre-set at 3 lpm at 3 bar. However, it can be adjusted from 1.5 to 6 lpm.

Electronic Controls:

Delabie's electronic mixers and taps shut off automatically when hands are removed from the detection zone, removing the risk of waste through negligence. The anti-blocking safety activates to prevent the mixer or tap from flowing continuously. The flow time is reduced to the necessary minimum (wetting, rinsing).

Time Flow Controls:

Delabie's Time Flow mixer or taps shut off automatically after approximately 7 seconds of flow, removing the risk of waste through negligence.


The New Zealand Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) is designed to provide clear information on a product's water efficiency and water consumption, and helps designers and building owners choose products that use less water but are still functional. The more stars on the WELS label, the more water efficient the product is. See each Delabie tap for their level of efficiency and WELS rating.

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