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Height Adjustable Kitchens for Everybody

A height adjustable kitchen from MacDonald’s consists of lifting units for fitting to the walls, on which are mounted worktops or cupboards. The lifting units will carry up to 150kg and can be fitted with most commercially available kitchen furniture and appliances.

In addition to the wall mounted lifting units, the range includes free-standing lifting units, and by combining them it is possible to build a kitchen with lifting solutions wherever they are required.

Most of us know the challenge of not being able to reach something on the top shelf in a cupboard. Imagine not being able to reach to stir the pot on your stove without burning yourself, or to get a glass off even the lowest shelf of the cupboard above the worktop. This is the reality for many wheelchair users.

Fortunately, there are solutions to meet these challenges. A kitchen with a height adjustable worktop becomes accessible to a wheelchair user, one with a height adjustable hob or sink even more so. In such a kitchen a seated person will be able to sit at the worktop at an ergonomically correct working height.

A height adjustable kitchen improves the daily workflow in the kitchen. It allows everybody to participate in food preparation and cooking, increasing independence and increasing social interactions with the other occupants of the home.

The INDIVO system is suitable for installation in private homes, as well as in settings with many disabled occupants. The ease of adjustment allows adaptation to individual needs at the push of a button, so both seated and standing users will be able to use the kitchen facilities to the best of their abilities.

This includes everybody in daily tasks and creates a community around mealtimes, leading to better quality of life for everybody.

The INDIVO kitchen offers two different types of adjustment: either electrically powered or manual.

A kitchen with electrically powered height adjustment is ideal for situations with several users with varying needs. This makes it suitable for private homes with seated and standing users, as well as for nursing homes, teaching kitchens and similar facilities.

A kitchen with manual height adjustment of the worktop is suitable for a kitchen where the height is set for long periods at a time and will rarely need adjusting. This might be in a private home or in sheltered housing where only one person uses the kitchen, and the height will only need changing when that person’s needs change, or a new occupant moves into the home.

And to complete your design, these can also be used for a vanity in the bathroom or a desk in the study.

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