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Rubbish, Recycling and Linen Chute

MacDonald Industries Rubbish and Linen Chutes for multi-storied buildings requiring efficient floor by floor removal of waste, recyclables or soiled linen.

  • Wilkinson Bi-Sorter — Waste and Recycling Chute
  • Wilkinson Soiled Linen Chutes
  • JD MacDonald Rotobin — Bin Carousel and Compactor
Key Features

Wilkinson Bi-Sorter — Waste and Recycling Chute

  • The Bi-Sorter system allows waste and recycling to be efficiently and hygienically separated and collected into different wheelie bins with only one chute in multi-story buildings
  • Rubbish chutes are the best way to consolidate waste and recyclables from around the building into a single location for easier collection in the building basement
  • The Bi-Sorter can be installed with an interlock system where the user must first select rubbish or recycling then other users on other floors are locked out while rubbish or recycling is deposited into the chute

Wilkinson Soiled Linen Chutes

  • Linen Chutes allow efficient and economical collection of soiled linen from upper floors in multi-storied hotels, hospitals and apartments to a centrally located discharge area on a lower floor

JD MacDonald Rotobin — Bin Carousel and Compactor

  • Rotobin is a cost effective, fully automated unit specifically designed for the collection and compaction of rubbish within high density multi-story buildings. Working on a rotation basis, as each bin fills, the compactor base automatically rotates positioning an empty bin under the chute when required
  • Rotobin Bin Carousel fits four 1100L MacDonald Industries Wheelie Bins and offers a compaction ratio of up to 2:1
Scope of Use
  • For use in multi-storied buildings


In-Service History

MacDonald Industries have installed many custom chutes in New Zealand over the last over 45years and are committed to providing the best solution for the needs of each building.

MacDonald Rubbish and Linen Chutes

MacDonald Industries Limited are commercial bathroom specialists.

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