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The Strandfloor Fire and Acoustic System Offers Solutions for Intertenancy Floors

The Strandfloor Fire and Acoustic system was launched to the market in 2018 after being independently tested by University of Auckland and Verified by Marshall Day Acoustics.

The system is a lightweight timber construction fire and acoustic intertenancy flooring system that offers solutions for timber joist, CLT and concrete slabs as an overlay in new and existing builds.

Strandfloor Fire and Acoustic system consists of AcoustiFlor rubber cradles laid on top of a standard timber floor construction. The AcoustiFlor cradles hold the Acoustiflor structural timber battens at 400mm centres. R1.2 Pink Batts BIB 50mm blanket insulation is then laid between the battens and another layer of Strandfloor is fixed to the battens to form the system. The system delivers acoustic performance of STC 65 and IIC of 56, with a fire performance of FR 60/60/60 as tested by BRANZ.

Laminex New Zealand provide a treated and untreated flooring solution that suits the system with both New Zealand made Strandfloor and StrandfloorH3.1. StrandfloorH3.1 is the ideal wet area solution for where longer exposure times are required as it can be exposed up to 12 weeks. Strandfloor and StrandfloorH3.1 have Declare Red List free status and is super low emission and FSC certified.

The Strandfloor Fire and Acoustic system is ideal for residential and commercial construction as it can deliver a concentrated load of 3.6kN and Uniform Distributed Load of 4kPa. The system is ideal for intertenancy floors in apartments, hotels, healthcare, retail, mixed use and office complexes.

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