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Laminex New Zealand Fire & Acoustic Flooring System

Laminex New Zealand’s lightweight timber construction system is designed for intertenancy construction. The system consists of two layers of structural flooring (either Strandfloor® or SuperPine®), the top layer sits on wooden battens and rubber cradles.

Used in conjunction with Pink® Batts® R1.2 BIB blanket and Gib® Fyreline® ceiling and wall products, the system achieves an acoustic performance of STC 65/IIC-56 and fire ratings up to 60/60/60 FRR.

Structural Flooring Available in:

Strandfloor® /SuperPine®

  • 3600x1200 x 20mm
  • 2400x1200 x 20mm


  • 3600x1200 x 20mm H3.1
  • 2400x1200 x20mm H3.1
Key Features
  • Lightweight
  • Independently tested by Auckland University and verified by Marshall Day Acoustics
  • Fire performance of FRR 60/60/60 tested by BRANZ
  • Concrete Slab overlay solution for existing or new buildings
  • StrandfloorH3.1 provides a wet area solution
  • Strandfloor is declared Red List Free in the Declare products database
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Intertenancy buildings
  • Concrete Slab overlay solution for existing or new buildings
Limitations on Use
  • StrandfloorH3.1® provides a wet area solution
  • Strandfloor® / StrandfloorH3.1®- Residential & commercial applications
  • SuperPine® – Residential applications only
Statement of Building Code Compliance

The Laminex New Zealand™ acoustic floor system has been tested and verified to achieve the fire ratings up to 60/60/60 FRR and STC 65/IIC-56.

The acoustic performance exceeds the minimum requirements of Clause-G6 of the NZBC. The acoustic performance of the system has been verified by Marshall Day Acoustics & independently tested at Auckland University and the fire performance has been tested/assessed by BRANZ 394.

BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
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As a leading supplier of high quality surfaces, Laminex New Zealand's portfolio features a range of locally-made and global products for benchtops, cupboards, walls and building products.

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