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Ensure Quiet Intertenancy Living with the Laminex NZ Fire & Acoustic Floor System

There’s no need to compromise on acoustic comfort when it comes to high density townhouse and apartment living; while there may be just one storey of separation between neighbours, smart product selection and design can ensure excellent privacy and acoustic control.

It’s with this in mind that Laminex NZ developed their Fire & Acoustic Floor System — a lightweight intertenancy floor (above joist weight of 30.9kg/m²) designed to provide excellent acoustic separation between floors in multi-unit buildings.

The Laminex NZ Fire & Acoustic Floor System features two layers of your choice of Strandfloor® or SuperPine® — an initial layer fixed to the timber floor joists, and a second layer fixed into wooden battens over a rubber cradle. This creates a floating floor system that achieves acoustic performance of STC 65 and IIC 56, exceeding requirements for intertenancy floors under Clause G6 of the NZBC.

The system has been independently tested by Auckland University and verified by Marshall Day Acoustics, providing confidence that you are specifying an intertenancy floor system with trusted acoustic performance.

As acoustic requirements for the intertenancy floor are achieved through the flooring system itself, reliance on carpet and acoustic underlays are reduced, futureproofing buildings and allowing flexibility in any future renovation work.

Designed for lightweight timber frame buildings, the Laminex NZ Fire & Acoustic Floor System is suitable for both residential and commercial (Strandfloor only) construction. The system has been fire tested by BRANZ and meets a fire rating of FRR 60/60/60.

Architects can choose between Laminex’s CodeMark certified and BRANZ appraised Strandfloor or BRANZ appraised SuperPine when specifying the system, with both available in 36 x 12 x 20mm and 34 x 12 x 20mm sheets. In wet areas, Strandfloor H3.1® can be specified to comply with internal moisture standards as per E3 of the NZBC.

The Laminex NZ Fire & Acoustic Flooring system comes with a 50-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Get in touch with Laminex today to learn how the Laminex NZ Fire & Acoustic Floor System can help you meet project requirements.

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