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Juralco Balustrade Gutter Brackets Offer Performance and Versatility on a Low Pitch Roof

Edge and Viking gutter brackets from Juralco's extensive range of balustrades have proven particularly useful when used in projects that have involved low pitch roofing. Gutter brackets are of course perfect in aiding drainage because they help prevent water from accumulating near the edge of the roof. This can be a particular problem with a low pitch roof as water may not flow as easily and quickly as a steeper roof.

As well as being particularly suited for drainage the Juralco team have solutioned projects that have required a floating deck to be fitted to a low pitch roof and the issue of how to connect a balustrade to it. Their Edge gutter bracket enables a practical fixing solution for this challenge.

A recent project had the initial problem that their floating decks had 190mm joists to connect, which were purposed to be removable to enable inspection and repair of the waterproofing underneath. With Juralco's balustrade attached in a typical fixing this would not be possible.

The technical support team at Juralco, working closely with the architect and installer came up with a solution. The closest piece of framing would be the fascia of the low-pitched roof, but this was very shallow in height and so it was suggested to utilise Edge gutter bracket. This then would effectively bring the posts out from the waterproof deck overhead to leave space underneath for a gutter system. These could be attached to the timber fascia with adequate timber or steel beam framing behind it.

This innovative low pitch roofing solution by the Juralco technical team is a great example of the versatility and usefulness of the brackets beyond their initial drainage function and highlights the gutter bracket’s ability and suitability to perform at a low pitch.

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