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Bathroom Linear Drainage Design is Safer with JESANI

Bathroom drainage can be one of the less interesting areas of a bathroom design. However, when considering how much water is serviced into a bathroom and the hazards some designs create, a bit more consideration would be advisable.

Bathrooms can house up to five serviced water inlets at one time; a shower, bath, toilet and two vanities. This, in turn, opens up the probability of accidents and flooding. Special consideration should be given when designing these wet areas for good quality drainage systems. A hole in the floor won’t really accomplish its goal if the position has not been considered and installed properly, especially with the four-way fall requirements. It is also worthy to note that a new building can alter these falls as it settles over time; this would be less likely if utilising a one way fall linear drainage system.

All JESANI linear channels have been designed with a specific function other than to drain water away. In addition, the one-way fall these channels require and the unique, specifically designed integral flanges reduce time and expenses for tradesmen installing the product in comparison to alternative options. 

JESANI Shower Channels are designed to create a more accessible floor area within the shower to function in. There are a couple of options available with these channels:

  • The Wall Mounted Shower Channel allows for the trough to sit against a wall, either under the shower head or on an adjacent wall. The floor area is clear of any hazards such as uneven flooring.
  • The Centre Shower Channel allows for a central or level entry option. The level entry option has the shower floor fall finishing at the entry. This option eliminates the need for nib walls or step-over junctions into the shower zone, thus reducing the likelihood of tripping, slipping or falling.

The above options are ideal when taking on the Universal Design approach. They will give peace of mind living and provide a safer environment for all ages, abilities and mobility aids without compromising on the overall design aesthetic.

JESANI Door Channels will eliminate flooding to the carpet/dry areas of the building and can be classed as an emergency overflow. There is no way an overflowing fixture from an ensuite or bathroom will get past the channel sitting in the threshold of the doorway to the bedroom/walk-in wardrobe or hallway. See a video showing a shower and bath overflowing to a JESANI Door Channel. 

JESANI Linear drainage channels are the only BRANZ appraised linear channels in New Zealand and are also the only linear channel product approved with LIFEMARK — a division of CCS Disability.

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