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New Jesani Floor Waste System

Floor Wastes should be provided where accidental overflow from a sanitary fixture could damage an adjoining household unit, based on “Acceptable Solution E3/AS1 2.0.1."

The objective, E3.1 (b), is to protect household units and other property from damage caused by free water from another household unit in the same building.

The functional requirement, E3.2 (b), is for buildings to be constructed to avoid the likelihood of free water overflow penetrating to an adjoining household unit.

At present, floor wastes are being installed, however, are they an acceptable solution when a graded floor is not essential and there is no positional requirement for these floor wastes to actually perform the task they are there to do? Are they randomly being installed just to tick the box or to suit the plumbing set up under the floor?

If the functional requirement is to avoid the likelihood of free water overflow and the objective is to protect household units from free water damage, how is the current floor waste set-up an acceptable solution?

With no graded floor required around the floor waste, free water will follow the path that is naturally created for it, looking for its exit point. As much as the building industry tries to control this commodity, natural building settlement will generally prove otherwise with the water generally finding its way out the door.

Jesani has really looked at this situation, from above the floor level (the free water issue) and below the floor level (the plumbing set up) and has configured a system that will work.

The new Jesani Floor Waste System utilises the Jesani Shower Channel for its floor waste, with a Four-Way Gully Kit to ensure all bathroom sanitary fixtures have the central gully to link into. A Jesani Door Channel provides emergency overflow for the free water containment and links to the Four-Way Gully Kit also. By housing the floor waste in the shower, this waste has no chance of becoming stagnant and if for any reason there is a splashback from any of the sanitary fixtures, the shower is the best place for this to occur. The Jesani Shower Channel trough will contain such splashback and the shower floor fall will not allow any water to escape this area.

The Jesani Floor Waste System is a sustainable system that can ensure no more insurance claims for unnecessary damage to adjoining household/apartment units that can cost tens of thousands to repair. Free water containment is an issue that now has a more-than-acceptable solution.

The Jesani Floor Waste system has also passed BRANZ testing, and the system is now included in the Jesani BRANZ appraisal.

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