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Maximise Kitchen Storage and Accessibility with SlideLine M

In terms of ergonomics and convenience, sliding doors on wall units are an easy and safe option. Having everything easily accessible means no need for lifting up high or stretching to open. This is useful for multigenerational homes as traditional lift ups can make cabinetry difficult to open and close for those who cannot reach. Sliding also negates the door swing zone, ensuring cabinetry takes up less space within the room, and there is no need to dodge out of the swing zone.

Sliding doors provide the key to picking up on modern, spacious interior design and cleverly carrying it through into the kitchen. Large-surface flush-fitted sliding doors are the ideal creative element for purist interior design. Narrow reveals which are hardly visible on large format front panels and precision adjustment provide superb finished results with exacting reveal alignment.

Sliding doors are particularly good at meeting the demands that users place on cabinet doors today; they are easy to open and close and use every inch of the cabinet without any bulky fittings taking up precious space. The ergonomic benefit of the linear door action of sliding doors is optimised by low opening forces. The Silent System is integrated on the running component and slows down door running action in closing, opening and colliding direction.

Beginning with a single track that is grove mounted into cabinetry, installers can stack as many in-set mounted doors as needed. Tracks can be used on the top or bottom of cabinets, allowing for practical use of one length and are suitable for wood, glass or aluminium doors weighing up to 30kg.

Overlay track allows for clean lines and easy installation as the track is fixed to the exterior of the cabinet, making it very easy for retrofitting. Profiles are available for varying shelf thickness and coloured tapes come with matched end caps to complete the streamlined look.

The recent addition of 2-track for inset cabinets provides easy installation for up to three doors with built-in anti-collision functionality. The track can be screwed onto wooden kitchen tops, groove mounted into benches or adhered to stone tops taking away the need for benchtop fabrication. Upgrade components for glass doors mean there is no need to mount glass onto a backing board, keeping up with the trend for smoked and clear glass luminescent finishes.

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