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Enhancing Accessibility with Hettich: Elevating Building Usability

Hettich offers architects and interior designers a range of products that can meet NZBC accessibility requirements and enhance building usability for individuals with disabilities and our growing elderly population. Learn about how cabinetry can help with accessibility and inclusivity.

Improving building usability

Enhance building usability by incorporating Hettich's innovative solutions. The automated push-to-open functionality of the Easys system means no need to pull, less strength is needed, and opening via hip or knee height customisation for adaptability to cater to individual needs. The InnoTech Drawer System, offers full extension drawers with suitable load capacities, accommodating wheelchair users effectively. Additionally, there are comprehensive dividers and organisers, ensuring efficient storage and effortless retrieval, promoting accessibility for all users.

Supporting products:

  • Easys
  • InnoTech Atira Drawer system
  • Orgatray and Orgastore

Catering to diverse needs

Hettich recognises the importance of addressing diverse needs. The AvanTech YOU Drawer System features customisable front panels, and the optional addition of lighting on the profile or inlay, enabling the integration of materials suitable for various sensory needs. The Sensys Hinge System offers Silent System technology or simply put the ‘soft-close’, creating a quiet and comfortable environment for individuals with auditory sensitivities.

Supporting products:

  • AvanTech YOU Drawer System with Lighting
  • Sensys soft-closing hinge

Designing for the future

Hettich's products contribute to designing age-friendly environments. The easy-glide functionality of drawers provides effortless access to stored items, ensuring convenience and safety for elderly users. The integrated damping system of the Sensys Hinge System prevents slamming and guarantees a gentle closing action, reducing the risk of accidents. For even lower maintenance, corrosion-resistant hardware can be used to reduce the likelihood of rust with all the integrated luxuries of indoor hardware.

Supporting products:

  • Actro and Quadro runners
  • InnoTech Atira and AvanTech YOU drawer systems
  • Sensys soft-closing hinge
  • Corrorsion-resistant Veosys hinge and Quadro Compact runner

Inclusive design starts with the details

By incorporating Hettich's solutions, architects and interior designers can create spaces that are functional, user-friendly, and cater to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities and our ageing population.

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