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What’s Inside Apartment Walls Counts

In New Zealand, the trend toward high-rise apartment living is gaining momentum. The construction of high-quality apartment homes has become essential, with a strong focus on what's inside the apartment walls. To address this need, Hebel has introduced Hebel Intertenancy and Corridor Wall Systems, designed to help builders create robust, durable, and code-compliant walls for high-rise multi-residential projects. Enter: Hebel PowerPanels.

Easy to build with

Compared to traditional masonry construction, installing Hebel Intertenancy Wall Systems is faster and more cost-effective. Hebel PowerPanels can be custom-sized and easily cut, simplifying installation and minimising waste. The pre-made Hebel Service Panels reduce the need for on-site cutting and drilling, further streamlining the construction process.

Improving compliance

Hebel Service Panels are CodeMark certified, making compliance inspections more straightforward throughout the project. Builders can easily demonstrate compliance to auditors, making it an attractive option for the industry.

Great to live in

In high-rise living, New Zealanders prioritise comfort, privacy, and safety. Hebel Intertenancy Walls enable builders to create apartments that provide maximum floor space with sound insulation and fire protection. These systems enhance acoustic performance, ensuring residents' comfort and satisfaction.

Hebel's products also exceed fire safety requirements, giving residents peace of mind. The majority of walls only require a 60-minute fire rating, but the Hebel Powerpanels are tested to a 90-minute system, meaning in the unfortunate occurence of a fire, residents have a longer time window before fire spreads to a corridor or the neighbouring apartment.

For developers and builders in New Zealand, Hebel's Intertenancy and Corridor Wall Systems offer a comprehensive solution for high-rise apartment construction, promoting quality, compliance, and resident comfort.

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