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Hebel Panels Bring Maximum Durability to Commercial Projects

Whether it’s a single dwelling, high-rise apartment block or new commercial facility, material selection is one of the most important decisions to make during a new build. Here are some ways Hebel provides solutions to common pain points in the construction process.

Enhancing productivity with PowerPanelXL Wall Systems

Whether you’re building schools or offices, apartments or dual-occupancy homes, solid external and internal walls are essential. With steel reinforcement for added strength, plus an anti-corrosion layer for maximum durability, Hebel’s wall systems are a reliable long-term investment. The reduction in labour costs is also a big factor as to why developers are now looking to use Hebel Service Panels as an attractive alternative to other fire-rated service products on the market. One Hebel panel provides the same coverage as 75 traditional bricks!

Exceeding Fire Safety Ratings

Hebel's products also exceed fire safety requirements, giving residents peace of mind. The majority of walls only require a 60-minute fire rating, but Hebel Powerpanels are tested to a 90-minute system, meaning in the unfortunate occurance of a fire, residents have a longer time window before fire spreads to a corridor or the neighbouring apartment.

CodeMark certified, Hebel stands as a versatile, durable, and easy-to-install building material, offering a wide range of applications and solutions for construction projects of various scales. It’s decided, from façade to floor to fence, Hebel is the provider of choice for AAC or aerated concrete cladding.

Mitigating the Hum

CSR Hebel's innovative system ensures quality control in noise reduction measures. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a valuable solution for challenges posed by urban expansion and electricity substations. Utilising the Hebel Powerpanel50 in a system, allows for absorption of low-frequency noise.

Overcoming Structural Constraints with Powerfloor+

Hebel's PowerFloor+ system has gained popularity among developers in New Zealand, proving to be a smart solution for various construction projects.

When approaching an office project, there is a need for a lighter flooring solution. Hebel's lightweight nature plays a pivotal role in this, as using heavier flooring options poses structural challenges, potentially limiting the construction to two office floors. Hebel's lightweight design enables the addition of a third office floor.

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