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Extra Value with GIB Technical Support and Delivery

Everyone is trying to save costs in their building projects whether it’s a small renovation or a big commercial project. Cost comes in a range of forms beyond the sticker price, and also includes delays on site, hidden charges for extra services, poor workmanship that means rework, damage and replacement costs and waste.

GIB's exceptional technical support and delivery services reduce costly delays and help building site run more efficiently while supplying a consistent, reliable, well-made product.

How does GIB provide more value to builders and their projects?

GIB plasterboard products are consistently delivered where and when they are needed, creating cost efficiencies and helping to avoid costly delays.

  • Next day delivery to merchants anywhere in New Zealand
  • Delivered to Site Service in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch
  • On time delivery and text message alerts provide cost savings through fewer delays and efficient programming
  • The GIB delivery team reduces the risk of damage in carrying the product through the site, through doors and corridors. If damage occurs in delivery GIB replaces the board at their cost.
  • With extra labour services, GIB plasterboard handling experts can efficiently unload and carry product to the right floor and split into room lots to allow faster installation.
  • House lot order make-up and split into wall and ceiling boards making it faster to install on site.
  • Wide range of lengths, widths and edge configurations readily available to minimise installation time and waste.

Accurate, New Zealand-specific technical information

  • Support to help get on with the job quickly, avoid costly delays and to mitigate future liability.
  • The GIB Helpline 0800 100 442 is available during business hours for any questions or assistance, so builders get quick answers, avoiding delays and mistakes.
  • GIB literature, manuals and the GIB App provide robust and accurate information making it easy to quickly find what key information.
  • The GIB Warranty offers peace of mind. If GIB gets it wrong, they'll put it right, every time.
  • The new GIB Website makes it easy to quickly find technical information, including accurate GIB CAD and BIM details to save you time and reduce detailing risk.
View more information on GIB, including contact details.
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