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Cemintel Fibre Cement Rigid Air Barrier: A Top Choice for Commercial Projects in New Zealand

Durable, versatile, and hard-wearing, fibre cement rigid air barriers are rapidly becoming the pre-cladding material of choice in New Zealand. With Cemintel leading the way as a trusted manufacturer, fibre cement has revolutionised the construction industry with product lines that set new standards for commercial cladding applications.

Cemintel stands for ‘Cement Intelligence’ and is the CSR brand that is responsible for some of the most progressive and innovative cladding materials in Australia and New Zealand.

Fibre cement is a lightweight, composite building material composed of sand, cement, and cellulose fibres. This combination is processed through a Hatschek machine, named after its inventor Ludwig Hatschek, to create uniform panels. These panels are then solidified through autoclaving, a process that uses steam to bond the materials together, resulting in robust and durable rigid air barrier.

A key reason for the growing popularity of fibre cement rigid air barriers is their exceptional durability, particularly after a New Zealand season of long-lasting wet weather events. Cemintel Fibre Cement can withstand impact, harsh weather conditions, and general wear and tear, making it a long-lasting, low-maintenance choice. Research has shown that fibre cement can perform satisfactorily for decades, even in humid subtropical climates.

Sealed using Ceminseal embedded micro waterblock technology, Cemintel’s Rigid Air barrier protects against wind and rain, allowing work inside larger projects prior to cladding installation for up to six months from installation. This makes it an excellent choice for high-density buildings and commercial projects.

In New Zealand, fire performance is a top priority for commercial construction. Cemintel's fibre cement is non-combustible, making it a safe and compliant choice as part of a cladding system.

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