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Reduce Solar Heat Gain with Gauzy Smart Glass

New Zealanders enjoy architecture with large windows, enabling enjoyment of our beautiful views, connection with the outside environment and access to natural light. According to a report by The World Green Building Council, natural light benefits occupants by increasing mental function, memory and productivity by up to 25%.

Able to change from opaque to transparent at the flick of a switch, Gauzy LCG switchable glass allows glazing system design with the best of both worlds, allowing occupants to enjoy both the view and on-demand privacy when required.

Solar heat gain through glazing increases loads on air conditioning systems and costs to maintain a comfortable interior climate; a study funded by The United States Department of Energy stated that conventional windows accounted for 30% of a building's HVAC and operational costs. Gauzy Solar Performance LCG switchable glass provides impressive reduction in solar heat gain with abundant natural light even while opaque with the added feature of on-demand instant transparency.

Gauzy Solar Performance LCG retains the benefits of designing with glass while mitigating the drawbacks. This premium switchable smart glass operates in a wide temperature range from -20°C to +90°C, reflects up to 78% of Thermal IR and blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays making it ideal for use in exterior glazing.

All Gauzy LCG products can be supplied as laminated safety glass for internal applications or double glazed into insulating glass units. When sealed into IGU’s with Gauzy's high-performance soft coat low emissivity glass, warm edge spacer and argon gas, Gauzy enables compliance with the latest revision of H1 Energy Efficiency in climate Zones 1 to 4.

Gauzy LCG Smart Glass is also available for interior projects. This signature product provides a unique, future-proof privacy solution for homes, offices and more. Providing on-demand privacy or an open atmosphere, Gauzy LCG by Glass Team optimises natural light, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and creating personal spaces complementing sleek modern design aesthetics. Providing a uniform finish with hidden wires, switchable LCG Smart Glass is easily integrated into off-the-shelf or custom glass window, door and partitioning systems, removing the need for traditional shades and blinds.

Lasting upwards of 18 million on/off cycles with more than 10,000 consecutive ‘on’ hours and controlled by patented hardware to extend the lifetime of the glass, specifying Gauzy is a long term solution that provides customers advanced technologies that outfit future facing designs with the most reliable smart materials.

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Reduce Solar Heat Gain with Gauzy Smart Glass
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