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Transparency or Privacy at the Touch of a Button with Gauzy Light Control Glass

Glass Team are New Zealand’s only Gauzy Certified Partner and proudly manufacture Gauzy's advanced switchable glass right here in New Zealand. LCG technologies enable transparent materials to change from controlled levels of opaque to transparent on demand, instantly transforming spaces for homes, offices, businesses, hospitals, hotels and more.

What is Gauzy Light Control Glass?

Gauzy LCG (Light Control Glass) smart glass is switchable glass, providing instant transparency or privacy at the touch of a button. In the simplest definition, smart glass LCG technologies alter the amount of light transmitted through typically transparent materials, allowing these materials to appear as transparent, translucent, or opaque. The technologies behind smart glass help resolve the conflicting design and functional demands for balancing the benefits of natural light, views, and open floor plans with the need for energy conservation and privacy. LCG is available in various colours and custom dynamic patterns.

Key benefits: 

  • Complete privacy or transparency when you need and want it most
  • Control of how much light enters a space without blocking views
  • Energy saving glazing by reduction of interior temperatures
  • Can be combined within a Double Glazed Unit with Low E glass to achieve H1 building code requirements and compliance.  
  • Digital window signage that turns transparent for 100% usability

Where Can LCG Be Used?


Switchable glass windows, doors, and partitions are beginning to appear in the residential sector. To make homes more energy efficient, solar control PDLC can be used to reduce IR light which creates heat, and SPD can be used to shade, both keeping spaces cool and lowering HVAC costs.

High Temp LCG glass can be used on LC based switchable glass for outdoor applications and exterior windows that face the street or neighbours, so privacy can be achieved without the need for curtains or blinds. 


Electrically switchable glass partitions and walls add adaptability and wow factor to interior office designs. Switchable glass can easily transform a space from open and shared, to private and intimate, and anywhere in between with dimming features. This is especially helpful in agile work environments based on flexible open floor plans.

Much like in residential spaces, switchable glass can also be used to offer full privacy and solar control for office buildings, or unobstructed views of the outside space and natural light.


Smart visual merchandising allows retailers to take full advantage of their store’s most valuable real estate: the storefront. Smart glass technology allows 100% utilisation of storefront windows for advertising or can be made completely transparent to allow views into a store. A retailer’s windows can become rear-projection screens promoting retail branding and products without permanently blocking windows with traditional signage or TV screens. 


Switchable glass is an ideal solution to support minimalist interior design while maintaining privacy and maximising the space of a modern hotel suite.

Elegance and efficiency are hallmarks of PDLC smart glass in hotel guest rooms as this technology offers an ideal solution for including a cozy lounging and sleeping space, clean and relaxing bathroom, and privacy for intimate moments in a way that feels spacious while in smaller spaces.


Smart glass is eliminating the need for traditional drapery and curtains, a valuable feature for hospitals and medical facilities. Research shows that patient-privacy curtains harbour bacteria responsible for spreading disease. Moreover, glass hospital room partitions better isolate sound, creating an extra layer of confidentiality.

With PDLC partitions, hospital staff can check on patients without entering a room, reducing disturbances and chances of contamination and improving the overall patient recovery process.

To learn more about how you can incorporate switchable glass into your projects, contact the Gauzy team

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