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Achieve a Fire-rated Quality Finish with Fireshield Architectural White 4FR

Developed in Sweden, Architectural White 4FR is a waterborne, low VOC and halogen-free intumescent coating. The coating has been developed for use on structural steel, timber and concrete structures to achieve a fire-resistance rating (FRR) of up to 90mins. Architectural White 4FR can also be used to provide fire insulation to plasterboard linings, up to 30mins (FRR 30/30/30).

When exposed to high temperatures derived from flames or intensive heat radiation from fire, Architectural White 4FR forms a thick layer of porous foam up to 50mm thick. This foam protects the substrate from fire damage by slowing or extinguishing the flow of heat to the treated surface.

One of the few intumescent coatings worldwide with environmental credentials, Architectural White 4FR has been awarded the exclusive green label Declare Status and is also Red List Free. This means that it won’t pollute the environment or harm construction workers. Used extensively in Europe, Architectural White 4FR has been tested to and is approved for use in NZ to standard AS1530.4:2014.

With its superior appearance, it is suitable for those wanting a high-quality paint finish not normally associated with intumescent coatings. It dries to a matt white finish or can have colour applied with an approved top-coat paint.

Architectural White 4FR saves time and money as less paint is required to achieve the same fire rating at 60 and 90mins compared to other intumescent coatings available in New Zealand. It can also be used on multiple substrates, as well as applied to existing plasterboard linings.

For more information on Architectural White 4FR, please contact Fireshield Fire Protection Coatings.

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