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Specify High Speed Doors with Confidence: EFAFLEX is Now on Masterspec

EFAFLEX is pleased to share that their range of high-performance high speed door systems are now listed on Masterspec — New Zealand’s most trusted specifications platform. The new EFAFLEX work section gives architects and designers all the information they need to specify the right high speed door for their project.

“It’s all about ease of specification,” explains Brian Hill, EFAFLEX. “Masterspec makes it easy for architects to access all the information they require.”

The specifications detail the different models, sizes, wind resistance and all other technical details needed for consent. The high speed doors are separated into categories for simple specification:

  • Freezer and chiller doors
  • Eco and standard insulated doors
  • Premium insulated heavy duty doors
  • Classic twin walled heavy duty doors
  • Transparent lath doors

The range of exterior high speed doors is set to be joined by EFAFLEX’s Interior options in the coming months.

EFAFLEX high speed doors are suitable for car parking buildings, apartments, hospitals, malls and more, with doors that can achieve closing speeds of up to 4.0 metres per second. Architects can use the built-in Q&A on the Masterspec work section to narrow down their selection and find the most suitable door for their project.

By using EFAFLEX’s Masterspec work section, which has been reviewed by the Masterspec team to ensure accuracy, quality and minimal need for customisation, architects can save time when it comes to specification.

Supporting the Masterspec work section are EFAFLEX’s full range of BIM drawings on the EFAFLEX website, and of course, the EFAFLEX team is available to offer additional specification and design support should a more bespoke solution be required.

View EFAFLEX’s work section on Masterspec: 4576EE EFAFLEX EXTERIOR HIGH SPEED DOORS

View more information on EFAFLEX, including contact details.
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