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S Series STT — Highspeed Turbo Door

The STT is a secure external or internal door used across a wide range of industries were fast, safe, secure and reliable access is required. The high speed spiral design means the door blade is not rolled up on a shaft but is guided into a spiral allowing higher operating speeds and less wear than conventional roller shutter doors.

Manufactured with clear acrylic glass vision door blades with options of coloured or vented infills, and available in 6 different models.

Key Features
  • Fully transparent
  • Safe and secure
  • Energy saving
  • Opening Speed up to 3 metres per second
  • Available up to 8000w x 7800h
  • Wind load up to Class 4
  • Manufactured in round and low header designs
  • Designed for up to 200,000 load cycles per year (approx)
  • Activators can be Integrated with  any access control systems
  • Available in standard aluminium or powdercoated finish
  • Safety systems include TLG, approach area monitoring, radars etc
  • Emergency opening — automatic after manual activation
Scope of Use
  • Designed for industries were the either, fully transparent, high cycle, safety security and reliability are a requirement
  • An interior or exterior door
  • Can be mounted to any building material either externally or internally
  • Suitable for wind loads up to Class 4
  • Manufactured in round and low header designs
  • Intended for use in a wide range of industries, typically, but not limited to:
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics
    • Warehousing
    • Food and beverage
    • Airports and transport hubs
    • Retail
    • Used extensively in prestige car yards due to its transparent yet secure features
In-Service History
  • Manufactured by Efaflex since 1999 (STT)  and sold worldwide since
  • Doors have been installed  operating in NZ since 2004


Other Performance Attributes
Wind Load Maximum DIN EN 12424 up to Class 4 (depending on model)
Operating Forces / Safe Opening DIN EN 13241-1 Fulfilled
Air Permeability DIN EN 13241-1 up to Class 2 (depending on model)
Direct Airborne Sound Insulation DIN EN 717-1 up to 20db (depending on model)
U Value Maximum W/m²k DIN EN 13241-1 up to 6.5 (depending on model)

Warranty and Maintenance

All doors require regular service maintenance which must be carried out by an authorised service agent.

For specific warranty details please contact EFAFLEX.

BIM Object: High Speed Turbo
Brochure: EFAFLEX World of Doors
Brochure: S Series
Flyer: STT

EFAFLEX were the first company in the world to deal exclusively with high-speed doors, they remain a global market leader in that sector through innovation, safety, and individuality.

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