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Smart High Speed Door Solutions for a Leading Transport Company

Hilton Haulage is one of New Zealand’s largest freight companies with a fleet of 265 trucks across the country. They work with clients from dairy and agriculture industries to ensure safe storage and transportation of goods. To meet compliance with stringent health and safety requirements while maintaining smooth operations, they have installed EFAFLEX High Speed Doors in several of their depots.

Hilton Haulage first worked with EFAFLEX in 2014, when they were looking for a smart solution for their Timaru base that would exceed MPI compliance requirements. “We wanted to create an airlock between the enclosed area where trucks load and unload, and our storage areas,” explains Jason Reed, Properties & Facilities Coordinator, Hilton Haulage. “EFAFLEX offered a great solution where we could install their doors throughout the warehouse so that the interior would remain closed while the exterior was open and vice versa — really preventing the risk of birds of insects entering.”

The effectiveness of the system has led to EFAFLEX becoming their top choice for all door upgrades. “The high quality of the doors is unmatched in the industry from my experience,” says Jason. “They seal so well, they operate really well and they require very little maintenance, so from my perspective, after the door has been installed we can forget about it.”

To date, 28 EFAFLEX high speed doors have been installed across Hilton Haulage’s depots. These include the SST US Premium — an insulated high speed door, the SST Classic — a high speed door with excellent wind ratings and the STR High Speed Turbo — a door which is capable of speeds up to 4 meters per second. More recently, STT High Speed Turbo doors with high transparent laths have been ordered for an upcoming new building. All doors include premium safety devices such as TLGs (Infrared safety light grids), multiple traffic lights and emergency release handles to keep warehouse staff safe.

Jason appreciates the safety, simplicity and versatility the EFAFLEX range offers. “I like the autonomy that goes with the doors — the functionality they have and the safety features that go with them make the doors so versatile,” he says. “It’s a one size fits all solution rather than having another door and four or five safety mechanisms to get the same type of effect.”

The reliability of EFAFLEX’s doors has resulted in Hilton Haulage becoming a very loyal customer. “With our positive experiences and such quality doors, EFAFLEX are our preferred door supplier,” says Jason.

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