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November 2012

Design Behind the Wall Key to Water Efficiency

When designing a new home or renovation with water efficiency in mind, LEAP understands the difference between good quality, well designed and efficient plumbing and a poorly designed water system.

LEAP will design a hot and cold water plumbing system for each and every home you are involved with. The quote provided will be based on the client's budget, how many people are living in the home and how much hot water they will use, as well as taking into account their projected environmental impact and the ongoing running costs of the system. LEAP will suggest alternative technologies for heating water such as solar water heating or heat pump water heating, and will work with you and your client to create an efficient system.

LEAP will also suggest you consider its Maniflow advanced plumbing system. It distributes water from the hot water cylinder direct to each tap or fixture in the house through a dedicated pipeline. Less water is used and less water is heated as a result.

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