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February 2012

Sonaris a Versatile Ceiling Tile Innovation

Sonaris is designed to provide a decorative, acoustically transparent laminate finish to a broad range of ceiling materials such as mineral fibre, glass fibre board, rockwool and plasterboard.

Ceiling designers selecting a Sonaris laminate finish can separate the aesthetic design from acoustic performance giving greater design freedom while still providing acoustic consultants the flexibility to control room acoustics by altering the base material. Panels can be provided at NRC 0.1 to 1.00 and CAC from 15 to 45dB.

An example of this can be seen in an Auckland Stanley Street office where a plain white ceiling tile was used for the general office areas and panels laminated with Asona’s Sonaris slot perforation S4/1100/25, grey-on-grey finish, were installed on the western frontage to create a visually separate social area.

With a dual layer structure, colours can be added for effect but white-on-white remains the most popular option as it gives a subtle textural finish to white ceilings.

Sonaris is manufactured in New Zealand, is lightweight, non combustible, low in embodied energy, low VOC, easily customised, economical and made in a range of standard round/slot perforations and custom perforation patterns available to order.

View Sonaris technical information.

View more information on Asona, including contact details.
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