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November 2011

Bradford SoundScreen Acoustic Insulation Picked For National Hearing Care Centre

National Hearing Care, a nationwide institution that, among other services, provides hearing tests, has recently refitted many of its centres, with more redevelopments planned for the future. They contracted Format Interiors to design and refit the centres, and specified superior acoustics as one of their main considerations.

Format Interiors managing director Jacques Delange says there were a number of inclusions that helped achieve this high standard, such as a double stud, acoustic plasterboard, acoustic seals on the doors and external acoustic material to reduce reverberation, all used alongside Bradford’s Rockwool SoundScreen insulation.

Bradford SoundScreen is a lightweight insulation material manufactured from a molten mixture of natural rock and recycled blast furnace waste products, and bonded with a thermosetting resin. It is specially formulated with water repellent to prevent moisture ingress into buildings. It is low allergen, fire resistant, does not shrink, pack down, rot or deteriorate over the life of the building, and comes with a 2.0R rating – higher than similar products on the market.

“These hearing centres have hearing testing facilities and it was crucial for these rooms to have quiet environments so as to not interfere with testing. We needed to exceed the STC standard of 55 and allow for the new ACC standards. Bradford SoundScreen played a big part in achieving this,” says Jacques.

Tests have shown that Bradford SoundScreen reduces unwanted noise transfer through stud walls and between floors by as much as 75 percent. This means it’s effective in all types of applications and can substantially reduce the transmission of voices, appliance noise and even moderately loud music. In fact, a Bradford SoundScreen insulated wall will provide a 6dB improvement over a non-insulated stud wall.

“We needed a product with superior acoustic absorption qualities. Bradford SoundScreen could achieve this while also offering fire and thermal properties,” Jacques says. “We’ve had enormously positive feedback from the staff in the centres. We have more than satisfied their expectations on sound control and they are very happy with the result.”

Bradford SoundScreen was supplied to Format through Brendon at Commercial Building Supplies.

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