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New Regulations Mean Changes for Bradford Insulation

In 2020 the government updated the thermal performance requirements for insulation, with an aim of making our buildings warmer, drier, and up to 40% more energy efficient. For designers, builders, and installers, this means changes to the way insulation is specified and installed. As a result of the change in requirements, the three climate zones have been replaced with six entirely new zones, allowing for a more accurate representation of the temperatures in different parts of New Zealand.

This is great news for overall home health in Aotearoa and with the right insulation system in place, like Bradford’s R7.3 solution, there’s a simple, straightforward process to keep your insulation compliant.

Bradford creates total home comfort with a comprehensive range of BRANZ appraised insulation products that meet or exceed the New Zealand Building Code standards. Bradford Gold insulation is also Sensitive Choice certified for people with asthma and allergies, making it the perfect choice for overall comfort throughout the home.

Bradford has three different solutions to tackle the H1 regulation changes*:

  1. For the double layer solution, a High Density R1.8 product is installed between the joists, then R5.2 product is laid over the top.
  2. For the single layer option, over the top of joists, R7.3 product is installed.
  3. For the single layer option, in between the joists, Bradford have developed and tested a thicker product. R7.3 (450mm wide) is installed in-between the joists, then spills over the top to cover the joists.

Failing to meet the new insulation standards could mean extra hassle and even a fine, don’t get kicked in the R’s, choose Bradford Gold H1 solutions, rolling out to stores now.

*To achieve construction R-Values in various ceiling construction types under the schedule method.

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