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The New Gold Standard: Bradford's R7.3 Ceiling Insulation Has Arrived

What sets the Bradford Gold Ceiling Batt R7.3 450mm apart?

Unmatched thermal efficiency

Engineered to deliver unrivalled thermal performance, the R7.3 Spill-over Batt 450mm boasts an impressive R-value of 7.3, engineered to help you meet home insulation standards in New Zealand.

Innovative spill-over design

The R7.3 450mm segment spill-over design ensures that insulation gaps are a thing of the past. Eliminating these gaps creates consistent coverage which enhances efficiency of the product and contributes to a comfortable indoor environment.

Hassle-free installation

Easy to handle and fit, the R7.3 450mm streamlined installation process saves valuable time and reduces labour costs on any project.

Durability and longevity

Crafted from premium, durable materials, this batt insulation is built to stand the test of time. Its exceptional durability guarantees 70 years of effective insulation performance, maintaining its quality without degradation.

Enhanced indoor comfort

The R7.3 Spill-over Batt 450mm significantly reduces heat loss and gain, which actively contributes to maintaining a consistent indoor temperature. This means heightened comfort levels, reduced reliance on excessive heating or cooling, and ultimately, greater occupant satisfaction.

Compliance and sustainability

This product is BRANZ appraised and fully compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations.

Bradford's FBS-1 Glasswool biosoluble insulation is designed to exceed New Zealand’s H1 Energy Efficiency standards for roofs, ceilings, walls and floors. Bradford CSR is an Asthma & Respiratory Foundation New Zealand Sensitive Choice Partner. With the most comprehensive warranty in the market (70 years) you can trust Bradford to keep homes comfortable and quiet, year round.

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