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Bates Panels Bring Durability and Quality to an Industrial Fit-out

"The brief was for durable office and amenities, using colour and texture for interest and ambience," says designer Saul Hoeksema. "We used a mix of neutral-toned materials to create an industrial feel, but still with a sense of quality and warmth for a modern office and factory environment."

Products such as PlyPlay, CanvasCoat and a new concrete-look board — all made by Bates Surfaces — create a high-quality interior that can handle the bumps and knocks of the busy office headquarters for Station205 tenants Right2Drive and Men at Work.

"The PlyPlay and concrete look are very complementary," says Saul. "The concrete feels industrial, and the timber face of the plywood gives a softening architectural element." Saul also used CanvasCoat to craft a dramatic city skyline in the main foyer, providing a visual link to the city.

PlyPlay is a premium-grade, UV-coated plywood panel made from sustainably grown plantation pine that provides the inviting, warming look of natural wood. The concrete-look board is a 6mm cement-composite substrate with a painted finish that simulates the colour and patina of concrete, but with a smooth satin sheen.

On both panels, the UV-cured coating is more scratch-resistant and durable than any other architectural paint system. Negative detailing ensures a clean and streamlined look, making the panels easy to install using simple tile spacers, with suction cups to lift the panels into place.

Station205 chose the hard-wearing Bates panels not only for aesthetics, but also to allow tenants to relax in these spaces, knowing it’s hard to dent or damage a UV-coated surface. Long-term tenants know that with less maintenance, there is less disruption to the enjoyment of their space in the Station205 office and factory units.

To find out more about the Bates Surfaces product range, get in touch with the Bates team

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